About Malaysia’s Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Malaysia’s Furniture Manufacturing Industry has been blooming in recent years. Malaysia ranks comfortably as the 10th largest exporter of furniture in the world today. Malaysia exports 80% of their total furniture production around the world. With existing strong export base like Japan, United States and Australia, the nation continues its tremendous growth towards Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Russia. Malaysia is believed to diversify their export base to countries like Algeria, Greece, Puerto Rico, Libya and other countries awaiting confirmation.

Malaysia has an interesting story to begin with. Despite numerous global economic pitfalls, the industry is still supported by high demands for furniture exports. Malaysia has always been well known for its wood based furniture manufacturing, largely exploiting the advantage of the nation’s natural resources. The government sets annual growth target of 6.5% for wood based furniture, estimated to hit RM53 Billion by year 2020. With a business-friendly environment, good quality products and a high potential market, the Malaysian furniture industry is poised to exceed expectations and to continue its exponential growth.



We couldn’t just give the credits to our homeland advantage for natural resources on our success in furniture manufacturing today. Our office furniture manufacturing industries makes name by evolving the industry altogether. Instead of sitting still a mere furniture manufacturer, trader and exporter, Malaysia took the initiative to become a lifestyle manufacturer. The nation’s commitment to the very last touch of design and quality assurance has brought global fame and success in the past decades.



Due to the fact that we enjoy the luxury of wood resources across the nation, we are able to lower down manufacturing costs competitively. Our manufacturing line has been scaled up over the years to meet different demands from the supply chain. Malaysia exports wooden furniture to variety of retailers, from boutiques to wholesalers. The flexibility in our designs and customization to fulfill different market segments in the market. Over the decades Malaysia’s office furniture manufacturers have been investing heavily on electronic infrastructures in production line and storage system.



Being productive aside, Malaysia has been also investing a lot in research & Development. Malaysia is passionate in crafting the best piece of furniture, taking care on aspects like ergonomics, elegance, comfort, assembly etc.  The commitment has paid back comparatively where Malaysia managed to bag a few furniture design awards around the world. The pledge and appreciation for good design is the major drives for the nation to continue invest for higher standards in production. Whatever that is going off from Malaysia we make sure that our furnishing products meet global standards and are manufactured with the strictest attention and stringent quality check at various point of production.