Office Furniture Manufacturer Malaysia – Open Plan Partition System

Advantages of an Office Open Plan Partition System

We work around the clock for 8 hours a day. That statistic should be convincing enough for employers to venture into a good office furniture or a partition plan. Most often today we tend to work in a small office space with a relatively big amount of colleagues. While some prefer privacy over communication, we cannot deny the fact offices operate more efficiently with better communication. Office open plan system is not a new thing among th west where they have been practising since the 1960s. However, we see a trend uprising in Malaysia more and more offices are adapting towards the practise and therefore we are here to unfold the advantages that lie beneath office open plan partition system.

Improved communication

Again we emphasize on communication leads to better operation. No doubt open plan office system promotes communication and collaboration among colleagues. We can literally shout from one end to the other end. Of course privacy has to be sacrificed during the process but yes it works for better communication. After working in several places that adopts open plan office partitions system I have to admit intimacy level between colleagues are better. The increase in idea flowing from one department to another contributes to fruitful brainstorming sessions whenever needed. The nature of the office plan is ideal for companies who work in teams, where everybody has an equal chance to bring their ideas onto the table. Whenever a manager wishes to make an announcement, it is fairly easy to do it in front of the office. Whenever there are problems,they can be sorted out much quickly and easily.

Better contact with managers

In traditional office layouts we could hardly see the face of our superiors or managers. Is that justifiable for managers to keep a certain superiority over subordinates? In my experience the answer would be a no. managers would eventually have to dwell with problems among subordinates. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Hsieh sits together with their employees! On top of that it would be nice to see bureaucracy level maintained at minimum for better efficient. It would only take steps for employees to reach their managers respectively to raise a question or to share information. isn’t that great?

Increased productivity

Let’s face it we Malaysians can never run away from our “laziness” culture. Deploying a manager around you can definitely push you further in getting things done much quicker. Employees can feel the presence of managers being constantly on the watch. That being said, employees will more likely to work harder and ensure their work are up to standards. With managers having the luxury to walk around the office at any point of time, grapevine and gossiping can be kept at the minimum.

More creativity

Criticism drives innovation. Open plan office system means open competition and collaboration. Since we are sitted in a more competitive environment, ideas can be easily bounced from one to another. Everybody loves to be the alpha in the office environment. To sum it up its more likely a snowballing effect, one person comes up with an idea and it snowballs to a point where it could be put into practice. Comparing to those who work alone in an office, ideas may dismay before they can be developed further. Two is better than one.

Economic benefits

Office open plan system saves money. The cost efficiency to building and setting up a ready to go system is cheaper than renovations. It doesn’t just save spaces but offers flexibility as well. You can easily customize to your likings depending on project you are currently working on, or addition of employees to your office. Comparing to desktop, shelves and cabin, furnishing your office with partitions is the economic way to go. On top of that, long term maintenance and upgrades contributes to your long term accounting benefits. Upgrade options are more versatile and cheaper if the company plans to expand in the future.

Of course, there will always be 2 sides of a coin. There will be many employees out there that had some harsh experience with open plan office system. For myself I just could not get my mind straight with the telemarketer opposite me shouting and yelling over the phone. We will talk about the disadvantages of an office open plan system very soon. Stay tuned.