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All About Office Furniture Manufacturers Malaysia

By: Thomas Teo

There are many office furniture manufacturers in Malaysia, and each of them provides different range and design of furniture for you to choose. Most of the manufacturers provide workstation partition, office chairs, cabinets and safe box. In this competitive industry, manufacturers will provide the best quality, price, and service. To select the best office furniture manufacturer, you might want to look for manufacturers who focus on supply office furniture only. They will have more choices for you and more professional on it. Malaysia office furniture are also exported to other country, such as Australia and Singapore.


In the modern world, it’s no longer limited only about furniture when talking about office furniture. There are many factors under consideration. While choosing office furniture, the design is important as it represent your company image and building office atmosphere. Some of the company prefers unique design of furniture to match their business nature. Comfortably of the furniture is also important while purchasing. Performances of employees somehow are affected by office furniture. Never neglect the placement of office tables and chair. Consider ergonomic office furniture set to make sure your employees work in a comfortable situation. Durability of office furniture can help on saving money from spending on purchasing new furniture. You would not want to spend big amount on renewing office furniture in the future.

There are various type of materials that office furniture manufacturer can provide for customer’s selection. You can choose wood, metal, plastic, glass, fabric, or mixture of different materials to fit your office interior design concept. For wooden furniture, they usually use tropical hardwoods such as Meranti, Nyatoh, and Ramin. For modern concept, most of the company will choose metal material furniture for the best durability. They will also provide you various colour for the furniture to match your office interior colour theme. Some of the good office furniture manufacturer will provide you some tips on how to maintain the furniture for longer lasting.

Planning your office space is also very important if you have small office area check these guys out. Open plan partition is very popular recently to divide working area in a large room. Partition usually use a special method of joint to connect and allows you to change and expand easily whenever you want. If you hire more employees, you don’t need to change the entire furniture. By just adding on partition and make some adjustment, you can accommodate more employees. On office table, you will have cables for phones and computer. Manufacturers in Malaysia knew the needs and provide designs for you to house those wire to make your table neat. Office furniture supplier also provides you different colour for your partition fabric.

To cater different needs of clients, some of the office furniture manufacturers can customize the furniture according to your requirements. They will provide you suggestion according to your budget and space of your office. Plan your office area according to space and working nature. Before deciding, talk to the manufacturer for further consultation and tell them your needs and desire.

Tips of Choosing a Good Office Table for Your Company


As we are working in the office, we are sitting in front of working desk for a long period. A good office table is important for our health, and also optimizing our works quality too. How should we choose a good office table that suits our working style?

Define the Usage of Office Table
If your desk is mainly for PC usage, choose a office desk that provide a space or deck to hold the CPU. A cable hole is important for the table to keep the wire safe.

A table with shelve or overhead cabinet is good for paperwork-generating workers. This allows them to keep the spreadsheets, and bulky books.

Define Your Work Style Habits and Tools
Everyone has a different type of working habits and the tools used are different according to the job. Before choosing a working table, consider who will be using the table. A computer desk is not enough for an accountant as they have lots of paperwork and filing to do.

Provide Ergonomics and Space
A good office table should be user friendly and doesn’t harm your body. The space below office table should allow you to move your legs around. A sufficient of space behind the seat is needed to allow you adding a guest chair when client or customer visited.

Equipment and materials that regularly use should place in a comfortable reach area and neatly placed on the table.

Choosing Desk Surface Material
To protect your office table surface, there are three types of surface you can choose: Laminate, metal or steel, and wood or veneer.

Laminate office table is the most popular selection among others. It is more affordable and durable compared with wood or veneer. You can choose the colour and wood grain patterns.

If you need a durable office table to afford heavy items for long term, consider of using metal or steel table. Although it is not the best choice for appearance purpose in office, but it came with reasonable price.

Wood or veneer office table looks the most elegant, and also more expensive than other type of office table. However, they need more maintenance and not suitable for rough or heavy use.

Quality and Durability
To check the quality of the desk, you can often do it by looking into the construction of the drawers. A good metal drawer should open and close easily when put on some weight. A good quality of wood drawer has a good interlocking construction, but not using staples or glue. You can also determine the quality of the desk by checking the warranty which gives you an expectation of the desk life.

Malaysia office furniture are now famous, especially wooden furniture. Choose the suitable furniture for your office today and do more research before purchasing.

Make Your Office More Fun – Tips On Managing Office Notice Board

Did you read the details or information on the notice board when you pass by? If you utilize the notice board in the office, it would be a good tool to keep your employee updated and bond the relationship between colleagues. Let’s figure out what should we alert on using notice board.


Start to plan the purpose of your notice board, whether only for business purpose, or mixture of business and social oriented purpose if you have not decide one. Consider of using different background colour to differentiate the section. Place the notice board at common- use location, such as water dispenser area, main walkway, or reception area to ensure all the employees easily to view it.

Posting Policies

Who is the one in charge of the notice board? What is the content should be post on notice boards? To make it more systematic and clear, business related information in charge by Human Resources department. For non-business items can be approved by manager of each department before posting to make sure all the materials are appropriate. Update your company notice board with new information regularly to keep it interesting.

Educational and Industry Information

A company notice board can also share information such as seminars, workshops, or conference which is recommended to attend for employee. Article related to the company industry can also be posted on the notice board as a sharing.

Considerations for Non-Business Postings

By posting non-business related items, your employee can easily know what’s happening around in the company, such as holiday event, special activity schedule, or photo of company events. However, we should also cautious about personal information, as not everyone willing to share their birthday, or personal photo publicly. Monthly theme can be consider to make your notice board more creative.

Managing Your Cable in Office No Longer A Problem

In the digital world, things are getting more and more compatible and user friendly. In office, computer develops from desktop to laptop. Wireless technologies can be found around in the office. However, some of the items are still cable required. A basic cable management is needed to keep office work space in neat.


We can see that many office furniture manufacturers had included this element in their design.  Cable port is one of the common cable management way used. This allows the cable travel from the top to the plug point under the desk.


A steel cable baskets can also placed near to the point plug to keep the cable neat.


If the power point was placed on top of the desk, you may choose the desk with space between the table and wall (as shown in photo). You can place your tied up cable on it.

Currently, we are widely using USB cable, either to do data transfer from your smartphone to computer, or charging your phone. Here are some creative tools to manage your USB cable at your work space.

Office Furniture Manufacturer Malaysia – Open Plan Partition System

Advantages of an Office Open Plan Partition System

We work around the clock for 8 hours a day. That statistic should be convincing enough for employers to venture into a good office furniture or a partition plan. Most often today we tend to work in a small office space with a relatively big amount of colleagues. While some prefer privacy over communication, we cannot deny the fact offices operate more efficiently with better communication. Office open plan system is not a new thing among th west where they have been practising since the 1960s. However, we see a trend uprising in Malaysia more and more offices are adapting towards the practise and therefore we are here to unfold the advantages that lie beneath office open plan partition system.

Improved communication

Again we emphasize on communication leads to better operation. No doubt open plan office system promotes communication and collaboration among colleagues. We can literally shout from one end to the other end. Of course privacy has to be sacrificed during the process but yes it works for better communication. After working in several places that adopts open plan office partitions system I have to admit intimacy level between colleagues are better. The increase in idea flowing from one department to another contributes to fruitful brainstorming sessions whenever needed. The nature of the office plan is ideal for companies who work in teams, where everybody has an equal chance to bring their ideas onto the table. Whenever a manager wishes to make an announcement, it is fairly easy to do it in front of the office. Whenever there are problems,they can be sorted out much quickly and easily.

Better contact with managers

In traditional office layouts we could hardly see the face of our superiors or managers. Is that justifiable for managers to keep a certain superiority over subordinates? In my experience the answer would be a no. managers would eventually have to dwell with problems among subordinates. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Hsieh sits together with their employees! On top of that it would be nice to see bureaucracy level maintained at minimum for better efficient. It would only take steps for employees to reach their managers respectively to raise a question or to share information. isn’t that great?

Increased productivity

Let’s face it we Malaysians can never run away from our “laziness” culture. Deploying a manager around you can definitely push you further in getting things done much quicker. Employees can feel the presence of managers being constantly on the watch. That being said, employees will more likely to work harder and ensure their work are up to standards. With managers having the luxury to walk around the office at any point of time, grapevine and gossiping can be kept at the minimum.

More creativity

Criticism drives innovation. Open plan office system means open competition and collaboration. Since we are sitted in a more competitive environment, ideas can be easily bounced from one to another. Everybody loves to be the alpha in the office environment. To sum it up its more likely a snowballing effect, one person comes up with an idea and it snowballs to a point where it could be put into practice. Comparing to those who work alone in an office, ideas may dismay before they can be developed further. Two is better than one.

Economic benefits

Office open plan system saves money. The cost efficiency to building and setting up a ready to go system is cheaper than renovations. It doesn’t just save spaces but offers flexibility as well. You can easily customize to your likings depending on project you are currently working on, or addition of employees to your office. Comparing to desktop, shelves and cabin, furnishing your office with partitions is the economic way to go. On top of that, long term maintenance and upgrades contributes to your long term accounting benefits. Upgrade options are more versatile and cheaper if the company plans to expand in the future.

Of course, there will always be 2 sides of a coin. There will be many employees out there that had some harsh experience with open plan office system. For myself I just could not get my mind straight with the telemarketer opposite me shouting and yelling over the phone. We will talk about the disadvantages of an office open plan system very soon. Stay tuned.

Never Forget Having Fun While Working

Concentration is very important during work, you would not want to make mistake and got penalty by superior or boss. Your colleague would like to work with a cheerful and happy people too! There are few ways to increase your productivity and stay happy.


1. Make your work space personalized

 You will be at your office work space for hours. A comfort working place for yourself is not a bad idea. Get something you love and design your desk, like beautiful photo, encouragement quote. However, clean and professional style is needed.


2. Life item for your desk

In a plain colour desk, adding some colour with life item is a good idea! A little green plant on your desk makes your desk look alive too! If you don’t like plant, you may want to get a little aquarium and feed small fishes.


3. Organise your task and desk place

Make sure all the task was organised accordingly,  for example meeting, important dates. This can make sure you din’t miss out anything important and mess up everything.


4. Focusing on work with music

Sometimes, your workplace is noisy and hardly to concentrate on work. Headset is your best friend in this moment to keep the noise away. But, what kind of music should you listen? Definitely not rock music or heavy beat. Relaxing music can help on relaxing your mind and focus on work.


5. Exercise in workplace

Sitting in the same place for a long time doesn’t seems like a good idea, and it harms your health too. Stand up and walk around for few minutes, take a toilet break.  Stretch your body while sitting at your place is a good idea too.  Here’s some tips on exercising in work place.