Cleaning and Maintain Office Chair


We are sitting on office chairs 5 days out of a week. Do we really clean the seat and do maintenance? Sometimes, we feel itchy or uncomfortable after sitting on the office chair. This may cause by the dirty upholstery.


Cleaning Office Chair Upholstery
It’s time to vacuum your office chair upholstery. Lots of dust hides in fabrics and we can’t see it using our eyes. The grits acts like a sandpaper and damage your chair upholstery slowly when you move around on your chair. It was also recommend cleaning your upholstery using upholstery cleaner spray.

Handling Leather Upholstery
Although dirt and dust does not deeply staying on leather, but it’s still harmful to them. Clean the surface by using vacuum and wipe it with clean cloth. After the upholstery is dry, apply some saddle soap or good leather cream. Do it every 6 months to keep the chair clean.

Keeping Wheels Rolling Smooth
The places we might neglected while cleaning office chair is wheel. Once the dust accumulates and blocks the spindles, it makes the chair more difficult to move. To clean the wheel, you need to turn the chair upside down. Pull out the dirt and dust as you can. Then, use powerful vacuum suction pipe to clean the part you can’t reach by using finger.

After cleaning out all the dirt and dust, apply some WD40 or silicone spray to smoothen the movement of wheel. This can be done every 6 month.

Fix the Loose and missing screws
Chair parts will getting loose after using for some times. Make sure you check the chair regularly to fix it back tight and replace the missing part. Apply some light oil on screw part to make sure they are not rusting.