Managing Your Cable in Office No Longer A Problem

In the digital world, things are getting more and more compatible and user friendly. In office, computer develops from desktop to laptop. Wireless technologies can be found around in the office. However, some of the items are still cable required. A basic cable management is needed to keep office work space in neat.


We can see that many office furniture manufacturers had included this element in their design.  Cable port is one of the common cable management way used. This allows the cable travel from the top to the plug point under the desk.


A steel cable baskets can also placed near to the point plug to keep the cable neat.


If the power point was placed on top of the desk, you may choose the desk with space between the table and wall (as shown in photo). You can place your tied up cable on it.

Currently, we are widely using USB cable, either to do data transfer from your smartphone to computer, or charging your phone. Here are some creative tools to manage your USB cable at your work space.