Never Forget Having Fun While Working

Concentration is very important during work, you would not want to make mistake and got penalty by superior or boss. Your colleague would like to work with a cheerful and happy people too! There are few ways to increase your productivity and stay happy.


1. Make your work space personalized

 You will be at your office work space for hours. A comfort working place for yourself is not a bad idea. Get something you love and design your desk, like beautiful photo, encouragement quote. However, clean and professional style is needed.


2. Life item for your desk

In a plain colour desk, adding some colour with life item is a good idea! A little green plant on your desk makes your desk look alive too! If you don’t like plant, you may want to get a little aquarium and feed small fishes.


3. Organise your task and desk place

Make sure all the task was organised accordingly,  for example meeting, important dates. This can make sure you din’t miss out anything important and mess up everything.


4. Focusing on work with music

Sometimes, your workplace is noisy and hardly to concentrate on work. Headset is your best friend in this moment to keep the noise away. But, what kind of music should you listen? Definitely not rock music or heavy beat. Relaxing music can help on relaxing your mind and focus on work.


5. Exercise in workplace

Sitting in the same place for a long time doesn’t seems like a good idea, and it harms your health too. Stand up and walk around for few minutes, take a toilet break.  Stretch your body while sitting at your place is a good idea too.  Here’s some tips on exercising in work place.