Office Cabinet – Your Office Storage Management

In Malaysia most of the office spaces are limited. Moving to a new place required a high amount of investment. To maximize the space in office, we need to smartly organize the storage solution. There are few factors we need to look into before decide what kind of storage media to use.


Talking about choosing material, we usually choose according to the style of office and durability of the furniture. In Malaysia, most of the cabinet used metal, especially steel. The range of products can be office compartment lockers, office cupboard, office filling cabinet, hand push mobile compactors and others. Nowadays, metal office storage are designed with multiple colour to match your office style.


Sometimes, business culture is one of the key points to choose the type of storage needed. To keep money and important document in a safe place, a lockable cabinet is needed. Open cabinet is a good choice to display the reference book or display in meeting room or reception area.

For regular usage document or accessories, a full height cupboard at open plan area. Also, hanging cabinet on top of side wall is also a good idea to keep used document copies. Under desk cabinet allow each employee to keep things and accessories neatly.


According to the function, many furniture manufacturers offer combination set to allow you create own unique storage system.  You can choose cabinet with door or without door, and different height of cabinet.