Office Chairs Manufacturer Malaysia

By: Thomas Teo 

Office furniture manufacturer provides many range of furniture for clients to select. Among all the furniture in office, office chairs is one of the furniture that we concerned much. Different type of office chairs are place in different area for different purpose. Not only employees will sit on the office chair, clients will also sit on the chair if they come to your office for meetings. A good office chairs manufacturer will consider few factors while designing office chairs.


Health Concern
As an employee who works in the office and sitting for long period, a comfortable chair is needed for them . A comfortable office chair will not cause pain on shoulder and back of the body. To meet this factor, most of the office chair manufacturer came out ergonomic chair series. An ergonomic chair can help on release fatigue and discomfort, increase blood flow, decrease the risk of injury, and increase productivity. A good office chair should also provide adjustable height seat to fit personal body height. The most comfortable height should able to rest his or her leg firmly on the ground.

Colour and Design
Most of the office chairs manufacturer will have several colour for client to choose in their catalogue. Most of the client will choose dark colour for easy maintenance. If the client have special requirement, they can request manufacturer to customize the chair accordingly. This is also to meet the company interior design and nature. You can also choose different colour office chairs to differentiate the area of the office. You can also brighten up your office interior design by using bright colour chairs if the wall painted in dark colour.

Upholstery Material
Upholstery material for office chair is also one of the concerns from clients. The common materials used are leather, fabric, or both combinations. For maintenance, leather upholstery office chairs is easier to maintain comparing to fabric upholstery office chairs. For interior purpose, leather office chairs will provide elegance look. Good upholstery can reduce the stress from the top of body by using good foam inside. Ergonomic chair upholstery allows you to adjust according to your body structure. You can sit comfortable while sitting and enjoying your work.

Durability and Maintenance
Another concern when choosing an office chair is durability. People believe that polyester fabrics are more durable comparing to other fabric. However, fabrics are hard to maintain. To keep fabric office chairs clean, you can place a clean rag on top of the seat. For leather office chairs, you can buy stain remover specialize for leather to avoid spoiling the material. Wipe the chair regularly with clothes using water so that the stain won’t easily stay on the seat. Office chair manufacturer usually provide warranty for clients.

It is important to choose a good office chair for your office. Before choosing office chairs for your company, talk to the office chairs manufacturer by telling them more details on your office interior design and needs. Seek for professional consultation from manufacturer can save your time and money.