Office Table Organising Guidelines

A messy office table not only affects your productivity, it also affects the image of company and you. How should you manage your table to make it looks tidy and clean? Managing table is not complicated and easy to do.

Firstly, clean out the entire desk drawer to free up some space and filter our unused items. Organise your drawer by separate it for personal usage and office work usage. You can keep delivery menu kept in the personal usage drawer for future reference. To make sure you doesn’t miss out any task, prepare a master to-do list for each day on your desk. Jot down important dates like meetings, gathering and birthday on your notebook.

After clean off your drawer, you can now start organize your table surface. Clean your table desk using a cloth to wipe the surface of the desk. Keep only item that you regularly use on top of desk, such as card file or card holder, stationary, and paper rack. Use a container to organize paper clips and writing tools. If your desk is occupied for two people, make sure each of you have personal storage organizer.

Filing system is the most important part to manage your table. It is important to group your paper and data accordingly. Make sure you file it with different file and use colour-coding to group it; you can easily look for the information needed in future. You can also use different colour folder to file your document according to customer account.

To make your day easier the second day, keep your table back to clean each day before back home. You can start your work happily the second day. After managing your table, you will found that your work productivity increase without telling you a words. Do it today for a better working environment.