Safety Box – Keeping Your Office Item Safe

By: Thomas Teo

622Decorating and keeping your things safe in the office is never an easy task. To keep your important things, you might consider looking for a safety box in the office. Safety box are usually placed in director rooms at a hidden places. What are the benefits of having a safety box? What kind of safety box you should get for your office? What kind of item should I store in the safety box?

For home usage, the most common type of safety box used is fire resistant safety box. A fire resistant safety box allows you to keep deeds, passports, and jewelry. By keeping important things in fire resistant safety box, we can assure that items are protected from fire and recoverable after fire. However, things still can be damaged by the heat of fire. Looking for a good quality safety box that resistant to very high temperature is needed to keep your item safe.

Same as safety box in home, fire resistant safety box is commonly used in office. Getting a fire resistant safety box not only preventing important items got stolen, but also prevent being burned. The safety box is also airtight to avoid smoke, water and chemical when fighting with fire. Some of the safety box can also prevent from gunshot, this are often used in corporate company or government office.

Office Safe is usually secured with lock. The lock can open with a key, combination dial, pin number key in, or biometric sensor. The best type of safety box is keys and combination locks. You can still open the box if outside of the box is damaged by fire. Electronic fire resistant safety box can still damaged by heat or chemicals.

Safety boxes are usually cast from material such as metal. A fire resistant safety box can withstand temperature up to 1000 Celsius. It usually very heavy and not movable by one person, although there are portable type available and can be found in hotels. Portable safety boxes have a very limited capacity to keep item, but you can store item that you want to grab instantly when a fire happened.


In office, we can also find multi-tier fire resistant cabinet with safety lock. Sometimes, you will have important documents like contracts, bank statements, or deeds. Multi-tier fire resistant cabinet can help you store big amount of documents that you want to keep in a safe place. You can choose the number of tier according to your needs. You can either lock each tier individually or lock the entire drawer by locking the first tier.

It is strongly recommend on purchasing a fire resistant safety box for your office. Place your safety box in a hidden place to keep it hidden. Make sure you place the key in the place you will never forget. Before purchasing a safety box, be clear to your needs and what you want to keep in the safety box. Get consultation from office furniture expert or safety box expert to know more about the products before deciding.