Tips of Choosing a Good Office Table for Your Company


As we are working in the office, we are sitting in front of working desk for a long period. A good office table is important for our health, and also optimizing our works quality too. How should we choose a good office table that suits our working style?

Define the Usage of Office Table
If your desk is mainly for PC usage, choose a office desk that provide a space or deck to hold the CPU. A cable hole is important for the table to keep the wire safe.

A table with shelve or overhead cabinet is good for paperwork-generating workers. This allows them to keep the spreadsheets, and bulky books.

Define Your Work Style Habits and Tools
Everyone has a different type of working habits and the tools used are different according to the job. Before choosing a working table, consider who will be using the table. A computer desk is not enough for an accountant as they have lots of paperwork and filing to do.

Provide Ergonomics and Space
A good office table should be user friendly and doesn’t harm your body. The space below office table should allow you to move your legs around. A sufficient of space behind the seat is needed to allow you adding a guest chair when client or customer visited.

Equipment and materials that regularly use should place in a comfortable reach area and neatly placed on the table.

Choosing Desk Surface Material
To protect your office table surface, there are three types of surface you can choose: Laminate, metal or steel, and wood or veneer.

Laminate office table is the most popular selection among others. It is more affordable and durable compared with wood or veneer. You can choose the colour and wood grain patterns.

If you need a durable office table to afford heavy items for long term, consider of using metal or steel table. Although it is not the best choice for appearance purpose in office, but it came with reasonable price.

Wood or veneer office table looks the most elegant, and also more expensive than other type of office table. However, they need more maintenance and not suitable for rough or heavy use.

Quality and Durability
To check the quality of the desk, you can often do it by looking into the construction of the drawers. A good metal drawer should open and close easily when put on some weight. A good quality of wood drawer has a good interlocking construction, but not using staples or glue. You can also determine the quality of the desk by checking the warranty which gives you an expectation of the desk life.

Malaysia office furniture are now famous, especially wooden furniture. Choose the suitable furniture for your office today and do more research before purchasing.