Tips of Maintaining Timber Furniture

By: Thomas Teo


In tropical country, word are easily found, Timber furniture is also famous in tropical country, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Timber is a natural materials and able to make a furniture unique. Timber furniture is unique because none of the trees looks exactly the alike or same. This had given challenge to furniture manufacturer. Some office used timber as the material for office furniture. However, timber furniture will affect from the natural humidity environment. How should we take care of timber furniture and maintain it?

To avoid timber furniture’s surface damage, do not put anything hot directly on top of the furniture. Use protective cover to avoid hot item reach the surface directly. You may put a coaster when placing drinks. Also, do not drag the item when picking up item from timber furniture. Lift the object slowly to avoid extreme scratch.

Use a soft and clean piece of cloth to clean dirty dust from timber surface. Wet the cloth with water to clean the furniture. This will reduce the scratching and collect the dust effectively. Do not leave any moisture on the surface. You can also apply wax and do polishing 2 or 3 times a year to keep your timber furniture looks new. Wipe the wax on the furniture following the direction of grain. Circular motion is not recommended as it will cause uneven shine on the surface.
Sometimes, you will meet some minor damages on the timber furniture. Although you can do it yourself for minor repair, but we need to be very cautious with the material used. A minor scratch on the surface of timber furniture can be less noticeable by using touch up pen that match the colour of furniture. If you notice that water stain remains for long time, clean it by apply a little salad oil to clean it and rub it according the direction of the grain. Apply some polish after the furniture dry. If high damage liquid such as nail polish, do not rub it but blow it away.

If you are moving, you will need some special care. Follow the few steps below to avoid damage:
1. Remove all knobs and castors and place it in an envelope or plastic. You can also tape them inside the drawer so you can easily found it when you unpack and reinstall the furniture.
2. Remove all adjustable shelves and wrap them separately with newspaper of bubble wrap. Glass shelves or tops should be removed before moving out the furniture.
3. Close and secure or lock all drawers and doors by covering with a blanket and tying loosely.
4. Protect furniture corners and other projections with padding or foam. Lift it carefully as you may bend or break legs drag or slide the furniture. Get few people to move it with you to avoid hurting your back.

By giving a good care to your timber furniture, they will looks new and long lasting. You can always put a piece of nice cloth to cover your timber furniture. A good quality piece of timber furniture can also last for very long time.