Make Your Office More Fun – Tips On Managing Office Notice Board

Did you read the details or information on the notice board when you pass by? If you utilize the notice board in the office, it would be a good tool to keep your employee updated and bond the relationship between colleagues. Let’s figure out what should we alert on using notice board.


Start to plan the purpose of your notice board, whether only for business purpose, or mixture of business and social oriented purpose if you have not decide one. Consider of using different background colour to differentiate the section. Place the notice board at common- use location, such as water dispenser area, main walkway, or reception area to ensure all the employees easily to view it.

Posting Policies

Who is the one in charge of the notice board? What is the content should be post on notice boards? To make it more systematic and clear, business related information in charge by Human Resources department. For non-business items can be approved by manager of each department before posting to make sure all the materials are appropriate. Update your company notice board with new information regularly to keep it interesting.

Educational and Industry Information

A company notice board can also share information such as seminars, workshops, or conference which is recommended to attend for employee. Article related to the company industry can also be posted on the notice board as a sharing.

Considerations for Non-Business Postings

By posting non-business related items, your employee can easily know what’s happening around in the company, such as holiday event, special activity schedule, or photo of company events. However, we should also cautious about personal information, as not everyone willing to share their birthday, or personal photo publicly. Monthly theme can be consider to make your notice board more creative.